Speaking Engagements

Michelle is a credentialed teacher and gifted speaker who uses  her background in ministry and missions, profound loss, parenting journey (married, widowed, and blended), and colorful stories to bring Scripture to life through expository teaching. Her God-given call in this season of life and ministry is to “speak, teach, and write” in order to testify to God’s redeeming and restorative work in her own life. She is available to speak in a variety of venues: pre-field training, missions, college chapels and/or retreats, women’s retreats, and other special events within the scope of her personal journey. 

Available for speaking/teaching in multiple venues:

  • inspirational
  • motivational
  • expository Bible teaching
  • missions
  • adults and youth
  • retreats & special engagements

Contact Michelle to book future speaking engagements!

Spring 2024 Engagements


  • February 11 – Instructor, Lesson 5, Perspectives, Davis Chinese Christian Church, CA
  • February 12 – Instructor, Lesson 5, Perspectives, Auburn Grace Community Church, CA
  • February 27 – Instructor, Lesson 7, Perspectives, Calvary Chapel Bozeman, MT
  • March 11-21 – Guest Host at Marble Retreat, Marble, CO
  • April 3 – Instructor, Lesson 12, Perspectives, Scottsdale Bible Church, AZ
  • April 4 – Instructor, Lesson 12, Perspectives, First Christian Church, Phoenix, AZ
  • April 15 – Instructor, Lesson 12, Perspectives, Rolling Hills Covenant Church, CA
  • April 16 – Instructor, Lesson 12, Perspectives, Calvary Church, Santa Ana, CA
  • April 23 – Instructor, Lesson 12, Perspectives, Reality Church Ventura, CA
  • April 26-28 – Main Speaker, Thousand Pines Women’s Retreat.  Feel free to register! Note: if you would like to consider the retreat for a group of ladies please contact me for GROUP rates!
  • May 3-5 – Main Speaker, Thousand Pines Women’s Retreat

Michelle doesn’t shrink back from the tension of life. She always moves forward in faith, and then can’t wait to tell others how her BIG GOD showed up! We are blessed that she is part of our faith community locally, and for her reach around the globe – encouraging, strengthening, and challenging each to know and follow God’s purpose and plan for their lives.

Lois T.

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